LONG Mittens UNISEX handmade with real BEAVER fur and leather


The mittens are covering the forearm and the wrist they are unisex.

Our somptuous mittens are handcrafted in our small workshop, here in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. We are two passionates people using traditionnal methods and skills that has been passed trought the generation to give you the best quality products. Thoses mittens are made with real beaver fur,leather and real inner sheepskin lining to give you the best heat you need with the pleasure of softness and cozyness at the same time.

The beaver is an animal which lives in the water and his fur is smooth and pleasant to be touch.The snow and the water doesn’t pierce the beaver pelt and leather . We use the insulation properties of the sheepskin for the inner lining, not polar or synthetic, it will still garantie the heat in case some snow went inside. so thoses mittens becomes your best ally for extremes conditions.
Our customers are : anybody looking for warmth and good quality mittens, ski doo users, people with cold hands or Raynaud’s disease, trappers, people living in cold area such as Nuvavut, Northern Territory,, Alaska, North America…

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We carefuly select our pelt before selling it and the taxidermist is tanning the pelt himself in the workshop with natural products only.

The fur come from local hunters or trappers, only from non-endangered species ( no breeding farm). Every piece is unique as it is handmade when you order. We garantie the best natural quality fur.

Our customers are precious, so please ask us if you have any questions. Thanks you for encouraging our small Canadian shop !

***For any questions about the size please write us before ordering it ll be a pleasure to help you. The pictures of the size shows the measurements taken ON the mittens and not inside,so you have to choose a size where you are able to move your fingers inside so you can feel some air, and by it been warm. Measure the number 1 and 2 is enough.***

***Our mittens are not clinically proved for the Raynaud's disease. We have customers who gaves us good review by wearing them.

*** If you live in USA PLEASE READ THIS : ****US CITIZEN needs to fill up a form called eDec, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. By buying this item you give us the right to share your personal information to them ( Full name, Address and email Address ). I will send you a copy of the form. If you want to fill up the form by yourself, please do it BEFORE buying, and send us a message with a copy of it, so we don’t get mixed up. We do our best to ship the same day as well as we put a lot of effort to please our customers : so please follow this notice. Any item that doesn’t have this document will be send back to us, we ll not take responsibility for it ***